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Bridalplasty Season Finale Recap: Who is Winner?

Posted by on February 1, 2011 at 11:06 AM EST

bridalplasty finaleBridalplasty season finale aired Sunday night and here is a quick recap.

What wild and wacky wedding challenge did Allyson and Jenessa have to compete in to win Top Bride? None. In an interesting twist it was revealed that a panel of Bridalplasty experts would be solely responsible for deciding who would win. The girls assume it is going to be real life experts that had visited the show, but it turns out to be the 7 brides who had been voted out previously. Immediately Jenessa knows this will not go well for her, she was the one who masterminded most of these other ladies going home and they were not happy about it. Each girl was given a chance to give a short speech on why they should be Top Bride, but I think the panel already knew who they would be voting for. In some competitions scheming and “playing the game” will make you a winner, but not in Bridalplasty, Allyson won with four votes.

The rest of the Bridalplasty episode shows Allyson’s three month journey to becoming the perfect bride and planning the perfect wedding. She is put on a strict diet and exercise regime to prepare her body for the remaining three surgeries on her list. When she’s not at the gym she is picking out various items for her wedding including her wedding band ($3000), the cake ($3500) and her dress ($2159). Finally, she goes in for surgery having a breast lift, liposuction and permanent veneers done all in one shot. It gets a little hairy right after the procedures when Allyson is waking up and seems to be having a hard time, but it only last for a few minutes and she recovers beautifully.

Then we get to the wedding day, Allyson’s fiancé hasn’t seen her since she left for the show and decides to do a little makeover himself, shedding about 15 pounds. All of the contestants were in attendance as well as Shana Moakler (wearing some hideous poncho). The whole scene is fantastic of course, but in a kind of freaky way they have layers of tulle covering her face as she walks down the aisle. Once she arrives at the altar she turns to reveal her transformation lifts her veil and….that’s it. They don’t show her face. WTF?! I feel like I’m watching an M Night Shyamalan movie. And, just like after I watched The Village I go away irritated. In the end, they actually do show the bride’s new face for a brief moment…I hope all of this was worth it to her.

I was thinking perhaps a Bridalplasty Part Deux was in store for us, but no. To see Allyson and what $19,000 worth of plastic surgery can do, you have to visit E! online to view the entire wedding album.



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