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Jennifer Freeman Takes A Bite Out of Husband Earl Watson

Posted by on August 13, 2010 at 2:18 PM EST

jennifer freemanJennifer Freeman takes a bite out of her husband Earl Watson.

Usually in the setting of a domestic dispute, you find a helpless woman who has been abused by their husband. “My Wife and Kids” star Jennifer Freeman has promptly taken a bite out of that stereotype.

Reports are circulating around the Internet today about Freeman allegedly attacking her husband, NBA star, Earl Watson. It came late into the night on August 1st when Earl tells us he heard Freeman’s cell phone ring. Suspicious of who might be calling that late, Watson took his wife’s phone. This turned out to be one hell of a mistake as Freeman went all “True Blood” on her husband.

Whether or not Freeman had been watching too many of the Twilight movies is still uncertain, she did for some reason, bite into her husbands chest and wrist hard enough to draw blood. After a couple of open handed slaps and some biting, Freeman then came at her husband with an iron! Luckily Freeman knocked the iron from his deranged, blood sucking wife’s hands and escaped her fit of rage.

Immediately following the outburst by Freeman, Earl Watson filed for divorce. On top of ending the yearlong marriage with his wife, Watson also filed for full-custody of their 10-month-old daughter.

In a typical domestic violence situation, the two have since reconciled and plan to work out their marriage. All I can say to Watson is that he should keep the house stocked with plenty of garlic just in case the old blood sucker gets angry again one night.



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