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Demi Lovato Leaked Photos Round Two

Posted by on January 31, 2011 at 10:07 AM EST

demi lovato leaked photosDemi Lovato just left rehab last week and is already back in the public eye.

Demi Lovato checked out of rehab on Friday just as Charlie Sheen checked himself in. It looks like somebody has leaked somewhat some are calling “racy” photos of Lovato. Compared to the first set of leaked pictures, these Demi Lovato photos are pretty tame. They show the Disney star in her bra but that’s about it. They definitely have nothing on the Vanessa Hudgens nude photos that were released a while back; that’s for sure.

I think we should probably leave Demi Lovato alone for a little bit as the girl just left rehab. I know people want to make a big deal out of nothing because she is a big star but this is just a little much. Anyways, here is the “racy” leaked photos of Demi and if you missed the first batch check them out here.



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