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Stormi Henley: American Idol Beauty Queen

Posted by on January 28, 2011 at 5:56 PM EST

stormi henleyStormi Henley won a ticket to Hollywood last night on American Idol by looking like a beauty queen.

It happens every year on American Idol and last night was the first time it has happened in Season 10 of American Idol. What I am speaking of is when a girl (Stormi Henley) comes in that is so good looking she isn’t that good of a singer but the guys are smitten by her so they send her through.

Last night as the tryouts moved to Nashville they were graced with the normal mix of good singers, crazies and those that were marginal. There was also Stormi Henley. Yes, that is her real name. Stormi is the 19-year-old former Miss Teen USA. When she walked in Steven Tyler mentioned that she looked like she could be Miss Something. There was a joke about her having been Miss Teen USA and that the pageant didn’t have a talent competition. She then sang a rendition of “Father, Can You Hear Me?” and it wasn’t that great. Let’s just say that there have been other American Idol contestants who were as good or even a little better that were not put through.

Steven Tyler told her that she had a “beautiful, little, tight, squeaky” voice. He asked her if she ever just let it loose and belted it out and she replied, “No.”

When the votes came down Tyler said he thought she needed to work on belting it out, but he voted yes. Jennifer Lopez thought she was gorgeous, but not a good enough singer so she voted no.

Randy Jackson was vexed. He thought she was “just okay” when it came to her singing. In the end he gave her a yes. As Stormi celebrated outside with her family Lopez mocked the guys saying they were pathetic. “Seriously you two? Seriously?” She mocked them and they both laughed because they knew she was right.

What makes all of this a little more interesting is that just the night before there was a contestant who was not a good singer, but then suggested to the judges that they didn’t like her because she wasn’t skinny. They tried to point out that there has been past winners that were not that skinny and hot. Jackson even told her that AI was about being the best singer, not about looks. Clearly, that is not the case.

How far Stormi Henley will make it remains to be seen, but for now her long legs and great looks got her to Hollywood. She will need to figure out how to belt it out if she wants to make it much further on Season 10 of American Idol.



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