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Avril Lavigne Anti Britney Spears Music Video

Posted by on January 28, 2011 at 5:17 PM EST

Avril Lavigne strips down for her latest music video; resembles Britney Spears.

Avril Lavigne, who once billed herself as the “anti-Britney Spears,” has gone Britney and become what she once railed against. Avril finally realized that sex sells and threw the whole anti-Britney philosophy out the window in her latest “What the Hell” music video.

As Bob Dylan famously said, “The times they are a-changin’.”  While it has been 47 years since he penned those lyrics they still ring true. Avril Lavigne’s music videos used to be about the song. Whether sad, happy, mad or excited, the videos showed her being herself and focusing on her song and its new meaning, but this new video takes a turn in a new direction that she had only hinted of in the past.

Avril has always said that she saw herself as something different from the Britney Spears’s and those types of singers, but with this video she seems to have embraced that style of promotion. It seems that Avril has realized that sex sells and she is using it to sell a lot. First off we have the selling of Avril herself. The video starts with 45 seconds of Avril in her bra and panties. When she does get dressed it is in a crop-top shirt that shows off her tight belly and a very short pair of shorts. She eventually ends the video in a shirt and pair of skin tight leather pants. Avril Lavigne has always been sexy, but with the exception of a few photo shoots she has always played it down. Here, she seems to want to get our attention and remind us that she is hot so that we will watch her.

While she is clearly using sex to sell this song, she is also using this video to sell products. We start with her in her room. She gets out of bed and sprays herself with one of her two different perfumes. We do get a nice close-up of said perfume. A little later she is in a clothing store where she finds a new outfit that happens to come from her personal clothing line. She plucks it right off the display while the camera lingers on the name so we can all take note. As the video comes to an end Avril is performing live in front of a crowd. Someone holds up a digital camera to snap a picture and we get about a 3 second close-up of it. So close, in fact, we can see the name of the camera then we get the rear view to show us how easy it is to use. It is all pretty shameless.

As for the song itself, it’s decent. It’s Avril Lavigne having one of her lighter moments. She sings about being with a guy for a while and having been good her whole life so now she just wants to have fun, date other guys, have some random hook-ups and have a good time. Nothing earth shattering, but nothing terrible either. In the end the video is shameless in its self-promotion and is soaked in skin and sexual overtones it is clear that the “anti-Britney” has not only become Britney, but she has also become a savvy marketer. At least she made sure that, like Britney Spears, she looks damn good doing it.

Enjoy the sexy Avril Lavigne “What the Hell” music video below:



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  1. Excuse me but, Avril Lavigne never billed herself as anti-Britney Spears the press did that, not once has Avril made that claim. Avril has in fact defended Britney Spears when people were attacking her a few years. Avril was a tomboy when she was younger and her label and record company wanted her to dress sexy at the time period of her life, it was the farthest thing from her mind when she was a tomboy. But Avril slowly grew out of the tomboy thing and now she embraces her femininity, that is the real story.

  2. There’s a lot of naivete in this article, as well as a poor recollection of what the term ‘anti-Britney’ actually meant. It encompasses so much more than merely using sex to sell.

    Pop stars like Britney, both today and in Avril’s heyday, are characterized by a couple of things.

    First, there is a general mindset of hedonism and amorality; an attitude of “I’m going to have all the sex I want, I’m going to do all the drugs I want, I’m going to have all the booze I want, I’m going to party as much as I want, because I’m just that cool and everyone else can go fuck themselves.” Those are the values that pop music embraces, as a general rule.

    Second, there’s a generic, cookie-cutter quality to most modern pop. My biggest problem with Britney Spears is how irrelevant she seems to the process of her own fame. A lot of talented people surround her, and it really doesn’t seem like she brings much to the table. One gets the feeling that they could pull anyone off the street, and they could do what Britney does, as long as she fit into the costumes.

    Now I will be the first to admit that Avril is not the anti-Britney she used to be. She started to go over to the dark side with The Best Damn Thing, and she hasn’t come back yet. But to say that she has become just like Britney is going too far. Rolling out of bed in your undies does not a Britney make!

    Now I may or may not buy into the hype that Avril writes her own songs…obviously she didn’t write all those songs by herself. And obviously, she also is surrounded by many talented people. But Avril has the ability to exert control over what she puts out, and make certain that it reflects who she is as a person. And who she is as a person is at least as important to her success as the quality of her music. Just ask her fans. We know she can’t dance. We know the lyrics are often rather shallow. We don’t care, because it’s Avril we like.

    There is undeniably a manufactured, commercial quality to ‘What the Hell’. But have you heard Britney’s new single? She makes Avril look like Anais Nin.

    And what your article didn’t bother to point out is that What the Hell was a bone Avril threw to her record company, who wanted something more like Girlfriend. Mission accomplished. All reports of her new album say that it’s going to be introspective, personal, and decidedly un-pop.

    Just like Britney? Not by a mile.

  3. I meant to add, that there is a quantitative difference between how Avril uses sex in this video and how Britney uses it — Avril doesn’t use it to anywhere near the degree that Britney does — and there is a qualitative difference as well. Avril remains relatable. Rolling out of bed in bra and panties, that’s something real people do. But who on Earth can relate to Britney and the costumes she wears? We can’t react to her like she’s real, because she isn’t.

    Bottom line: the biggest difference between Britney and Avril is that if you put Britney in a room in front of ten people, with nothing but her voice and a guitar, she couldn’t possibly “entertain” in any meaningful way.

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