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Jessica Simpson’s Banned SpeedFit Video [Sneak Peek]

Posted by on January 28, 2011 at 3:46 PM EST

jessica simpson fitnessJessica Simpson is fighting to have her SpeedFit exersice video banned from release.

Jessica Simpson isn’t happy. The recently engaged pop singer is currently battling to keep a workout video that she made back in 2005 from being released. Apparently, after reviewing the tape, Simpson was less than thrilled and revoked rights to distribute the video. Simpson already won the battle against the workout company that originally filmed the video, SpeedFit.

Speedfit apparently then sold rights of the video to a new company which claims to have re-edited the video and who are currently looking to release the tape. Ed Meyer, the guy who bought the tape, has this to say: “I bought rights to distribute the Jessica Simpson exercise video from Alex Astilean. My intent is to re-edit it.” Sounds kinda sketchy, and I’m no lawyer, but it doesn’t seem like that would be legal.

Still, it begs the question, what exactly is on the banned exercise video that Jessica Simpson is so afraid of? Who knows, maybe Simpson is this undiscovered workout guru with stretches that could put Richard Simmons to shame! Chances are she isn’t, but it’s possible. And if Jessica Simpson is worried about looking stupid, perhaps she should think twice before wearing a cinch leopard belt in public. All poking fun aside, my heart goes out to Jessica, and I hope that Astilean guy doesn’t make money off the vid and that it merely gets leaked online.

Here is a sneak peek at the Jessica Simpson SpeedFit banned exercise video:



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