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Friday Robot: Tracy Morgan, Charlie Sheen, Vanessa Hudgens

Posted by on January 28, 2011 at 1:03 PM EST

tracy morgan sarah palinTracy Morgan Sarah Palin masturbation comment, Charlie Sheen’s cocaine fueled bender and Vanessa Hudgens dating Zac Efron.

Tracy Morgan is making headlines this morning after commenting on Sarah Palin on TNT live. Charlie Sheen returns home from hospital after cocaine and porn star filled bender; suffered from hiatal hernia. Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron dating rumors spread as the two ex-lovers were spotted kissing.

Tracy Morgan was on TNT last night during a live broadcast of an NBA pre-game special. Former player Charles Barkley asked Morgan if he thought Sarah Palin was good looking. Morgan replied with “she’s good masturbation material” and now people are making a big fuss. Basically Tracy Morgan delivered a compliment to Palin, albeit a vulgar one but a compliment nonetheless. TNT has apologized for the remark but I don’t see anything wrong with it. This is just another display of Sarah Palin flexing her political muscle and making people bow down to her.

Charlie Sheen went on another bender this week and ended up in the hospital. It seems like ever since the Capri Anderson ordeal, Charlie has been deteriorating. TMZ reported that Sheen partied for 36-hours with 5 porn stars, booze and a briefcase full of cocaine. Charlie Sheen was then rushed to the hospital and we later found out that he suffered a hiatal hernia. Since his medical emergency, Charlie has returned home and will be back at work next week to film Two and a Half Men.

Last but not least is Vanessa Hudgens dating Zac Efron…again? Rumor has it that the two High School Musical stars are a couple once again. Since their break up last year, Zac has been spotted at Hudgens’ house. Just recently Zac Efron visiting her on set and the two were seen kissing. After seeing Vanessa Hugens in the Candies Photo Shoot, Efron needs to get lost so I can date her.



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