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American Idol 2011: Steven Tyler’s Creepshow

Posted by on January 27, 2011 at 7:53 PM EST

steven tyler creepshowWill American Idol 2011 judge Steven Tyler cool off a little?

Last night we watched American Idol auditions from Milwaukee.  This stop seemed to have brought a good amount of talent.  There were many young hopefuls that were given their golden ticket.  And many that seemed to have caught Steven Tyler’s roving eye.  Was it just me or did Steven look inappropriately at some of those minors?  Even if there were “of age,” some of his glances are enough to make a girl tremble.

One audition in particular that I found to be the most fascinating for several reasons was Alyson Jados.  This girl walks in and looks like she could be “related” to Steven in some fashion.  The lips, the face, kind of weird.  Alyson then says that she is so nervous because she loves Steven Tyler.

I thought her audition was good and I’m glad she’s going through to Hollywood.  But what I thought was really great was the fact that this girl got a chance to sing in front of her idol, AND, got to sing one of his songs.  How cool is that?  Once in a lifetime opportunity.  Think about it.  If you could sing, who would you want to sing with?

Even though Steven Tyler creeps me out with his 62-year-old come hither looks, I still like having him as a judge on American Idol.  His one liners crack me up and the way he gets into all of the auditions is great!  Yeah, we are getting any of that brutally honest criticism this year, but still getting honesty.  Simon who?



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