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Jersey Shore Season 3 Preview: Drunk Punk Love Predictions

Posted by on January 27, 2011 at 1:53 PM EST

jersey shore episode 5 previewPredictions for tonight’s Drunk Punk Love episode of Jersey Shore season 3.

Last week’s season of Jersey Shore was refreshingly free of Sammi and Ronnie drama, but unfortunately my crystal ball is seeing more of their “relationship” troubles on tonight’s new Jersey Shore Season 3 episode. Apparently, JWoww and Ronnie renew their friendship, which has been virtually inexistent since Ronnie got mad over JWoww writing Sammi the note (disclosing Ronnie’s sleazy ways). This obviously doesn’t fly with Sammi, because her world revolves around Ronnie, and how can it be possible that Ronnie is cool with someone Sammi isn’t cool with?

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I’m gonna take a stab and say that Sammi is feeling insecure since Episode 4 involves JWoww breaking up with her long-time boyfriend, Tom. Because it is impossible for men and women to have platonic relationships, JWoww’s friendship with Ronnie is clearly a threat that jeopardizes the livelihood of what Sammi considers a relationship.

I predict further drinking from Snooki, despite her having been arrested last episode (since even pregnant women drink Pinots), and since the synopsis says so I predict Mike finding out Deena’s “dirty little secret.”

Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 5 will also see Vinny dating a girl with an “overbearing” family. How will he handle this? I predict that Vinny will take it in stride. He’s a pretty laid back guy, and seems like he might be overprotective of the female members in his incredibly tight knit family, himself. Hopefully Vinny doesn’t get too much of a headache though, since he’s one of the less annoying characters on the show.

Remember to tune in to MTV every Thursday for your weekly fix, and make sure you keep watching for Season 4 of Jersey Shore. It’s set in Italy. And yes, I’m serious.

Enjoy this sneak peek Grenade Whistle clip at tonight’s Jersey Shore Season 3 episode which will air at 10|9c on MTV:



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