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Celebrity Rehab Season 4 Reunion Special

Posted by on January 27, 2011 at 10:53 AM EST

celebrity rehab reunionCelebrity Rehab season 4 reunion special aired last night.

Surprisingly, all of the cast members from this season of Celebrity Rehab were in attendance at last night’s reunion show. Personally, I expected a few would have dropped off the map or come up with excuses not to make it (I had heard Frankie Lons died, and was shocked to see her up there).Oddly enough, it was Dr. Drew who actually had to cancel the original taping. He contracted leptospirosis, an infectious disease that causes jaundice, muscle pain, and fever after taking a trip to the West Indies with his wife for their 20th wedding anniversary. Due to the delay, the show ended up being live and not recorded at all, which Dr. Drew stressed over and over and over again. I’m blaming the teleprompter.

But, let’s get down to what we want to know, how are the cast members all doing? Dr. Drew starts out by showing a short clip of each celebrity then asking them to speak as to how they are doing. According to them, things were going well, people like Jeremy London stated they had been sober X amount of days and others admitted to a few slip ups here and there, but overall it was love and light for everyone. Jason Wahler was sober and back in Orange County, Janice Dickinson had been working a lot with Shelly, Eric Roberts was seeing Bob and was again buddies with his stepson Keaton, and Rachel Uchitel also was keeping in touch with Bob as well as most of the group. The celebrities who seemed iffy were Frankie Lons, saying she was doing her aftercare with her family, not any kind of addiction professionals, Leif Garrett, admitted to being too stubborn to accept help but said he hadn’t been using, and lastly Jason Davis, who has always been the misfit and probably always will be, said he was sober but just didn’t seem to be totally clear on what he was up to.

After hearing from each Celebrity Rehab cast member, Dr. Drew opened up the floor for Bob Forrest, Shelly, and the other celebrities to discuss their concerns for each other. Bob and Shelly’s main concerns were for those people just mentioned who had not been in touch since the show ended. Janice attempted to call out Jason Davis but it didn’t go anywhere, although this is what we wanted to know, what was really going on? Bob also made it clear he wasn’t buying the story that every person was doing so well in such a short amount of time, but for whatever reason nobody was pushed to answer any questions they didn’t seem to want to and the show was pretty tame. Thus ends a pretty low key season of Celebrity Rehab. We are hoping Season 5 will have a little more kick.

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