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Shark Week 2010 Is A Huge Success For Discovery Channel

Posted by on August 11, 2010 at 5:21 PM EST

discovery channel shark weekShark Week 2010 was a huge success for the Discovery Channel.

We have been following this 23rd annual Shark Week phenomenon on Robot Celeb and now that it is over, the ratings are in. Discovery Channel is reporting that this year it had the biggest audience its ever seen.

Just how large of an impact did Shark Week 2010 have? It’s reported that 30.8 million people watched Shark Week 2010 this year.  This is an obvious improvement over the 29 million viewers, which tuned in last year. On top of the television broadcasts, Shark Week 2010 has a tremendous effect across the Internet. Social Networking sites, such as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter buzzed with talks of Shark Week during the annual event this year.

The Discovery Channel also provided shark enthusiasts with interactive games, streaming videos, pictures and news with their website dedicated to Shark Week 2010. This year 2.4 million video streams of sharks were viewed via the Shark Week 2010 website. Last year’s video streams only received a measly 500,000 views.

Discovery Channel’s Shark Week 2010 proved that with the power of the Internet backing your programming, anything is possible. Of course they had tons of advertising for this longest-running television-programming event but I guarantee that the shark enthusiasts helped them tremendously via Social Networking sites and online blogs.

I personally watched Shark Week 2010 this year, as I am a huge fan. I will be the first to admit that it was another stellar year of shark-filled fun and education. While Shark Week 2010 may be over, I look forward to seeing what Discovery Channel has in store for us next year.

In case you somehow missed this years Shark Week on Discovery Channel, head on over to their Official Shark Week Website to catch video clips and full episodes.



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