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Glee Season 2: Ryan Murphy’s Hateful Song and Dance

Posted by on January 26, 2011 at 7:11 PM EST

ryan murphy gleeGlee’s Ryan Murphy has a bad temper, may need anger management.

Apparently Glee creator Ryan Murphy is a sore loser. These days when the cast of Glee covers a song it immediately charts on the Billboard singles charts and shoots to the top of the iTunes sales charts. It can also reignite interest in you and your song. Take for example Cee Lo. His hit song “F**k You” was released towards the end of the summer and was a huge hit, but it has cooled off since. Then Gwyneth Paltrow did a cover version of the song on Glee and reignited interest in it and Cee Lo found himself as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago when Paltrow hosted.  So it would be fair to assume that many bands and musicians are clamoring to have their songs on the show. Except for Kings of Leon.

Ryan Murphy had approached Kings of Leon about licensing their song “Use Somebody” for Glee. The band turned him down. Murphy didn’t take the snub lightly. His response: “F**k you, Kings of Leon. They’re self-centered assholes and they missed the big picture.” He went off on a tangent that this was less about the song for the show and more about exposing music to the youth of the world and encouraging music education. He said he doesn’t care if the band personally hated the show, but it was all about turning kinds on to music.

Kings of Leon lead singer Caleb Followill said he didn’t mean to offend anyone. “This whole Glee thing is a shock to us,” he said. “It’s gotten out of hand. At the time of the request, we hadn’t seen the show. It came at the end that record cycle, and we were over promoting. This was never meant as a slap in the face of Glee or to music education or to the fans of the show. We’re not sure where the anger is coming from.”

Supposedly what angered Murphy is that when Kings turned Glee down they made a comment about selling out and that they also said no to Ugly Betty and a movie trailer.  Murphy said: “Usually I find that people who make those comments, their careers are over; they’re uneducated and quite stupid.”

It sounds to me like Murphy has gotten a very swelled head and he is throwing a tantrum because he didn’t get his way. Sure, the show is huge and is winning awards, but that does not entitle him to cover any song he wants nor does it entitle him to decide that anyone who chooses to not license their song to him is stupid. Murphy needs to realize that his show does influence some people, but he isn’t winning a Nobel Peace Prize anytime soon and maybe he should have a little grace and gratitude towards those who choose to work with him and be a part of his vision and just let those who choose not to be involved live and learn.

Glee makes its return to TV with a special episode that will air after the Super Bowl on February 6th.



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