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The Biggest Loser Recap: Don’s Weight Gain

Posted by on January 26, 2011 at 10:55 AM EST

the biggest loser donThe Biggest Loser Season 11 aired last night with a brand new episode.

This week’s episode of The Biggest Loser starts with the Ranch team talking to Don about his weight gain. He promises them that he didn’t purposely gain the weight and that he will try his hardest. At the first workout Bob and Jillian Michaels also confront Don and Jillian calls him out because he isn’t getting angry. Finally he gives them what they want and curses at them in an effort to convince them he is committed. They don’t seem so convinced.

The first Biggest Loser challenge of the week has the members of the Ranch team taking turns going into a room filled with all their favorite foods. They will spend five minutes in the room. The team that eats the least or most calories will get to pick which of the other teams must go spend the entire week with The Unknowns. Each team goes in and is tempted, but nobody eats. The last team in is Arthur and his dad. Arthur wasn’t going to eat, but then decides that he is not going to let someone else choose his fate so he eats one chicken leg. He selects the green team Jay and Jennifer to go to the Unknowns camp.

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Jay and Jennifer arrive at the Unknowns campus and meets up with the other players. They meet the trainers and are put through a pretty rough fitness test. They seem to enjoy the difference of the Unknowns campus. Back at the Ranch they clean up after themselves and cook their own food. On the Unknowns campus they get meals made for them and have maid service.

After an emotional workout Courtney confronts her mother and tells her that she feel likes she has been a disappointment to her. Her mom tells her she feels guilty about Courtney’s weight and they have an emotional bonding moment.

The green team is brought back to the ranch where they meet up the rest of the Ranchers. They are competing in a challenge. On a table are portions of all their favorite foods. They must guess the total calories on the table, put the number on a sign then hoist the sign up a pole 70 feet in the air. If they have it incorrect different colored lights will tell them if they are too high or low. They change and hoist, change and hoist until they get it right. The green team is on their own and represents all of the Unknowns while the rest of the Ranchers will work together only their sign is four times as large and heavy. After an exhausting, sweaty battle the green team comes close, but they miss it by two digits which leaves the door open for the Ranchers who wins. The reward is letters from their loved ones back home.

Jay and Jennifer leave to go break the bad news to the rest of the Unknowns while the Ranchers takes turns reading their letters. Arthur, as it turns out, has a little daughter who is in first grade. The letters are very emotional; even Don’s estranged son sends him a short, encouraging note.

As the episode of The Biggest Loser ends everyone at the Ranch is uplifted by their letters home and feel good about what they are doing and where they are headed.



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