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The Biggest Loser Preview: The Ranch vs. The Unknowns

Posted by on January 25, 2011 at 5:39 PM EST

the biggest loser previewThe Biggest Loser returns tonight with a brand new season 11 episode.

Now that the first big mystery within the new season of The Biggest Loser was answered last week, it looks like the show will be heading back into the more traditional format it is used to. Last week we finally met the two new mystery trainers, but the teams still remains separate from each other. They are now known as The Ranch and The Unknowns.

Last week we saw Dan and Don both gain nine pounds and Dan was given his wish and sent home so he could be with his wife and daughter. But that clearly doesn’t come without a price. Don is left on the ranch to face the wrath of Jillian Michaels, Bob and the rest of the team. As this week unfolds we will see Don defend himself, claiming he has done nothing wrong, while being confronted by Bob and Jillian who believe that he quit on the team and purposely gained weight so that his brother could be sent home.

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We will also see Arthur and some of the other Biggest Loser contestants tested when they find themselves in a room full of pizza, deserts and other fatty foods. The producers of the show are keeping the particulars about that room quiet, but the way it is presented it feels like The Unknowns may have something to do with it.

Speaking of The Unknowns, it appears that they interrupt a The Ranch’s workout and Ali lets the The Ranch members know that one team will be leaving The Ranch and joining The Unknowns. Nobody seems very happy about that. With the four weeks of immunity for The Unknowns ending after this week we could see the drama really start to get ratcheted up.

Tune in tonight at 8PM on NBC to watch it all unfold when a brand new episode of The Biggest Loser airs.



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