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American Chopper: Senior Vs. Junior The Teutuls Take Over on TLC

Posted by on August 11, 2010 at 3:23 PM EST

american chopper paul teutulAmerican Chopper: Senior Vs. Junior The Teutuls Take Over on TLC.

Get ready for the Teutuls to take over with the American Chopper: Senior Vs. Junior premiere tomorrow night on TLC.

It has been some time since we last saw the Teutuls, when their hit series “American Chopper” came to a conclusion. Tension was high as we said farewell to Paul Teutul Sr., Paul Teutul Jr. and Mikey Teutul. We found ourselves saying goodbye to a family that was beginning to unravel.

As “American Chopper” ended, Paul Teutul Jr. had been fired from his father’s company “Orange County Choppers.” In an effort to make it on his own, Paul Jr. created his very own company, Paul Jr. Designs.

With the premiere of “American Chopper: Senior Vs. Junior” tomorrow night, we will pick up right where we left off. Paul Jr. and his father, Paul Sr. are still not speaking and to make things worse, are battling each other in court over a nasty lawsuit. The lawsuit has Paul Teutul Sr. trying to buy out Paul Teutul Jr’s share of “Orange County Choppers.”

Paul Teutul Jr. has opened up a shop for his new company Paul Jr. Designs. His plans are to go in direct competition with his father’s (Paul Teutul Sr.), Orange County Choppers. Father and son will extend a feud that has boiled over from the final airing of the original series “American Chopper.”

“American Chopper: Senior Vs. Junior” will have the Teutuls battling it out as they see who’s shop can create the best custom bikes. Be prepared, as this brand new series will offer the same amazing, boundary pushing, custom bikes we are used to with a side order of family hostility and competition.

The all-new series “American Chopper: Senior Vs. Junior” is set to air tomorrow night, August 12th at 9 PM (ET/PT) on TLC.



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