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Bristol Palin Arizona Sugar Momma!

Posted by on January 25, 2011 at 5:23 PM EST

bristol palin arizonaBristol Palin might add sugar momma to her long list of accomplishments.

From pregnant daughter of the governor and vice presidential candidate (Sarah Palin) to finalist on Dancing with the Stars to potential sugar momma, Bristol Palin seems to change roles in her life effortlessly.

This newest role was revealed recently on a radio show. The Bob & Mark Show was interviewing Bristol and they asked her about the rumors that she is seeing a new guy. Bristol Palin was hesitant to reply, but eventually gave up the goods and admitted that she is seeing a guy. Much to my surprise (and I’m sure I’m not alone) that guy was not her Dancing with the Stars partner Mark Ballas. The way he fawned over her and was always hugging and reassuring her I know a lot of people thought they were seeing each other. He even volunteered to drive her truck back up to Alaska when the show was over. But it looks like Ballas really is just a friend.

The new guy in Bristol’s life is a pipeline worker in Alaska. Bristol says that he is great and her son Tripp loves him. She also says that they are really good friends. There is only one minor problem. Alaska and the Alaskan Pipeline is a long ways away from Arizona where Bristol recently bought a house and is supposedly planning on attending college. This means if Mr. Pipeline and her are serious they are either going to have to be in a long distance thing or he is going to have to move to Arizona. If that happens it looks like her son Tripp won’t be the only guy Bristol is supporting.

Speaking of her son Tripp during this radio interview Bristol Palin also said that her baby daddy Levi Johnston has only seen their son a total of about four hours since the end of Dancing with the Stars. She went on to say that she has asked him to sign over his parental rights. She would release him from having to pay any child support and it would allow her to change her son’s last name to Palin. So far Levi has not taken her up on her offer but is said to be considering it.

Could this mean that Bristol is trying to get things in order just in case Mr. Pipeline happens to talk her out of that no sex until marriage thing and she ends up pregnant again? Only time will tell, but we will keep you up to date.



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  1. I know you’re just a low-rent blog, but maybe you can invest a bit of time on your “reporting”. The guy Bristol is dating is from Wasilla, AK, but also has a home in AZ. He has two jobs. (Alaska pipeline worker and real estate agent) She will not have to support him.

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