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Joan and Melissa Rivers Knows Best 2011 Series Premier

Posted by on January 25, 2011 at 3:45 PM EST

joan and melissa joan knows bestJoan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best? premieres tonight on WE.

Well, Joan Rivers and her daughter Melissa Rivers have managed to do it again.  How do these women keep finding themselves a new television show?  The have been on so many different channels.  Add WE television to their list.  Their new show, Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best, is set to air their premier show this evening at 9/8c on WE.

Here’s the premise:  Joan Rivers, a long time New Yorker, packs her bags and moves in with daughter Melissa, and grandson Cooper.  Poor Cooper having to put up with these two all of the time.  Add in the Joan and Melissa’s assistant, Sabrina, Melissa’s boyfriend, Jason, and Cooper’s nanny, the beautiful Swede Dominica, and you have good reality television.  Or should I say bad?  Depends on how you look at it.

Joan Rivers has made a name for herself for many reasons.  The tart-tongued comedian is most commonly known for all of her cosmetic surgery that she is very vocal about.  The younger generation may also know her from a little show called Celebrity Apprentice.  Joan won and was hired by the Donald on the 2nd season of Celebrity Apprentice season.   She is also best known to dish among the red carpet at all of Hollywood’s premier award shows.

Melissa Rivers, well, who would know her if it wasn’t for her famous mother.  Melissa has ridden the coat tails of her mom for most of her career.  She’s dished and trashed on the red carpet with her mother on the E! Network and the TV Guide Network.  That would probably be her most notable line of work!  Seems to me, Melissa needs this gig more than her mother.  At least her mom has been able to find her own schtick and roll with it on her own.  Melissa, how about getting a life of your own and get your own reality show.



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