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Tuesday Robot: Orange County Choppers, Conrad Murray, Jersey Shore Italy

Posted by on January 25, 2011 at 12:58 PM EST

conrad murray trialOrange County Choppers foreclosure rumors, Conrad Murray pleads not guilty and Jersey Shore Season 4 could be shot in Italy.

Orange County Choppers (OCC) foreclosure rumors run rampant today after last night’s American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior episode aired. Conrad Murray has pled not guilty to the death of Michael Jackson in today’s arraignment. “Jersey Shore” cast might be heading to Italy to film Jersey Shore Season 4.

American Chopper aired last night and at the end of the episode they show an Orange County Choppers foreclosure headline in a local newspaper. Of course today rumors are spreading like wild fire that Paul Teutul Sr. and his custom chopper empire has filed for bankruptcy. Some even say that Paul Jr. Designs has lead to this whole debacle but that is all false. OCC is not bankrupt and is still very much alive and well despite the recent foreclosure rumors. The real story is that they are in a legal battle with the lending company to get their mortgage payments reduced. This is why they skipped a few payments back in July of last year and where the foreclosure rumors came from. The Orange County Choppers HQ was initially valued at $12-$13 million and now since the economic decline has fallen to $7-$8 million…hence the reasoning behind OCC trying to get their mortgage payment reduced.

Conrad Murray, the infamous doctor of Michael Jackson has pled not guilty to his murder. TMZ is reporting live on scene at the arraignment hearing today where Murray pled his case. Conrad told the judge that he was “an innocent man” when it comes to the involuntary manslaughter charges he is faced with. The trial date is set for March 28 and if Dr. Conrad Murray is convicted of the charges he could face a maximum of 4 years in prison.

Jersey Shore” fans are going wild as it looks like Jersey Shore Season 3 is not the last time we will be seeing the spray-tanned reality rejects. It looks like MTV is in the process of finalizing Jersey Shore Season 4 which will be shot in…Italy! Of course Snooki aka Nicole Polizzi, JWoWW, Pauly D, Vinnie, Ronnie, Sammi, The Situation aka Mike Sorrentino and Deena Nicole Cortese would all have to get visas before it can be made official. It could be quite interesting as I am not sure how Italy and its citizens actually feel about the fake Italians from Jersey Shore.



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