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Demi Lovato Rehab: Road to Recovery

Posted by on January 25, 2011 at 12:00 PM EST

Demi Lovato remains in rehab and it has been an ongoing struggle on her road to recovery.

Demi Lovato remains in rehab and is actually doing quite well on her road to recovery. That being said, the events that actually lead up to Demi’s rehab is being brought up yet again, months later. It turns out that in the latest issue of J-14 magazine they have rehashed the infamous Alex Welch attack…most likely to sell copies of their magazine.

I have been following the whole Demi Lovato rehab debacle since it first broke back in November of last year. Honestly I think people need to leave the poor girl alone as them bringing up old news is not going to help her recovery.

The feud between Alex Welch and Demi Lovato was solved with a settlement and I think it should have been left alone at that time. I really don’t think it’s right for J-14 to publish this story 3 months later which focuses on the Welch attack. Demi admitted she was wrong, apologized and checked into rehab to receive treatment.

Here is the article from J-14 magazine which digs up the past…all in the name of publicity:

We want to wish Demi Lovato the best of luck and hope she is released from rehab soon.



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