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Paul Jr. Designs Forces Orange County Choppers Foreclosure?

Posted by on January 25, 2011 at 9:30 AM EST

orange county choppersOrange County Choppers  foreclosure trends as people want to know if OCC is shutting down.

Orange County Choppers (OCC) foreclosure is trending after last night’s new episode of American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior aired. It turns out that at the end of the episode, they air previews for next week which shows a rather disheartening headline. Paul Teutul Sr. and his Orange County Choppers have filed for foreclosure.

Now when I saw the previews I didn’t believe the Orange County Choppers foreclosure was real. I did some investigating and it turns out that starting in last July, OCC missed numerous mortgage payments on their HQ in New York. Upon further digging, I learned that Paul Teutul Sr. and OCC are not going bankrupt at all, nor is Paul Jr. Designs and Paul Teutul Jr. the reasoning behind the foreclosure.

While this is not confirmed by OCC yet, it turns out that they didn’t pay the mortgage payments because they were trying to work out a deal with the lender. It turns out that when the building was made back in 2007 it was worth about $12-$13 million and now, since the economic decline it’s only worth about $7-$8 million.

There you have it for all you American Chopper fans; it looks like this was just Orange County Choppers trying to get their mortgage payment lowered. OCC is not going bankrupt and as far as I know they have not missed any more payment since the initial ones back in July of last year. If we find out any more information we will be sure to let you know.

American Chopper: Senior Vs. Junior will air a brand new episode next Monday night at 10|9c on Discovery Channel.



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  1. this is just a ploy by occ to devalue the buisness so that they can show 0% of the holdings from paul jr. paul sr dosent look very healthy anymore, i think its taking its toll on him,,,be great if ther could work together with each company as a seperate team.

  2. everybody was O’d at Jr for being an idiot and premadonna at OCC and deserved to be fired or have his ass kicked for sluffing his work off on his coworkers. Now Senior is making a fool of himself by constantly telling his redundant stories. He’s a victim in his own mind and his continuous boring complaints about Jr. has most people turning against him. He’s tiresome and vindictive and now he’s the premadonna needing a good boot in the ass to wke him up and return him to who he was. He has the world in his hand and all he can think of is “poor me”. I hope he reads this and takes heed!!!

  3. You know I’ve lost all the Equity in my house and I pay my bills. I’m not getting hundreds of thousands back from anyone. Sr built the place took the loans NOW PAY your dam bills. He was not forst to built it or that the loan out. I’m dam sick of all these rich AH’es crying to get their debts reduced when it hard to buy food for my family. I had paid my house off to save on intrest and so the thing would be worth more, it a shame that GAS,Cars FOOD etc. all cost more now then ever but they screwed the little guy and our life savings our home arn’t worth 1996 prices anymore.OK thats that as for JR.I would fly out and help him any time they needed at the new shop. He’s always staying pretty cool about things where as his dad blams him for all thats wrong in the world.Just my thoughts. p.s. my wife even said I could fly out to help if needed. Pretty damm cool or my sweety.

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  5. paul sr is in foreclosure per the new show (august 29th) and the old bulding he owns is unusable because of storm damage, so he is hunting a building..not sure when that program was taped, but he is losing or has lost the new building…..

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