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Sundance Film Festival 2011: Chaz Bono’s Sex Change!

Posted by on January 24, 2011 at 8:42 PM EST

chaz bono sundanceWatch out Michael Chiklis, Chaz Bono is gunning for your job!

As the Sundance Film Festival goes on there is one familiar name whose face may not be so familiar. That person is Chaz Bono. He is the son of Cher and Sonny Bono. He used to be their daughter until his recent sex change operation. As the sex change came to an end Chastity Bono started going by the name Chaz and now Chaz is at Sundance to help promote the documentary Becoming Chaz which documents his female-to-male transition.

The documentary is a no-holds-barred affair that shows Chaz Bono going through breast removal surgery, genital reassignment surgery and taking hormone shot. The movie gives the audience full access to Chaz’s life as she undergoes this transition. Even Cher makes an appearance in the movie and she says that she feel Sonny would have been supportive.

Now that Chastity is officially Chaz and most of the surgeries and procedures are done he is starting a new life for himself. The co-directors of the movie say that there is a sequel to it in the works and while one can only speculate what that sequel might be about, it could be about Chaz now going out into the world and building a career for himself. Chaz himself says he would love to have a body like Actor Michael Chiklis saying, “I’m never going to be a little guy.” Perhaps Chaz will be getting the role as The Thing in the next Fantastic Four movie or he can take over as a stunt double for Michael on the show No Ordinary Family.

There is no news about plans for wide distribution of Becoming Chaz, but based on the positive reception it has gotten at Sundance Film Festival 2011 I’m sure it will find its way to some theatres.



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