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Bridalplasty Recap: Plastic Surgery Finale!

Posted by on January 24, 2011 at 7:14 PM EST

bridalplasty jenessaBridalplasty aired its 8th episode and next week we will see Jenessa and Allyson will face off in the finale.

Jenessa continues to be super devious in her quest to win Bridalplasty this week by coming up with a plan sure to get Cheyenne eliminated, and it works. Just when Jenessa and Dominique think they only have one more challenge to win before the finale, Shana Moakler announces that Allyson alone will be deciding who she will face in the end. After clearly seeing the two remaining ladies had planned to get Cheyenne eliminated, Allyson isn’t feeling love for either of them, but Jenessa is sure Allyson will send her home after  in a previous RSVP ceremony Jenessa called out Allyson making her look bad. This makes it seem like it would be an easy decision for Allyson, however if she chooses Jenessa who she feels is weaker in the challenges to compete against, she may have a better chance of winning. Both of the remaining ladies get a chance to speak with Allyson alone and as expected, tell Allyson why they should be the bride who stays.

The RSVP ceremony rolls around and Allyson makes her case, discussing the usual reality show tome of who truly deserves to win? The person who did anything and everything they could, including lying and hurting feelings to make it there, or the one who is sweet but hasn’t had to fight as hard? In the end, Allyson chooses Jenessa because she is more of a challenge. She wants to face that crazy bitch in the end and kick her butt, winning Bridalplasty, her dream wedding, and a perfect body.

Who wins their perfect day and eyebrows that don’t move? Watch E! Sunday at 9/8c to find out.



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