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Andy Kaufman Lives On After Death

Posted by on August 9, 2010 at 4:15 PM EST

andy kaufmanAndy Kaufman still lives on even after his death in 1984.

Kaufman, born in 1949 was a well-known actor and performance artist. While many people referred to him as a comedian, Kaufman did not believe that’s what he was.

Andy Kaufman had quite a successful career going on at an early age. He starred in the skits “Foreign Man” and “Mighty Mouse” while in New York. These two performances were ultimately aired on the first season of Saturday Night Live.

While his career was still flourishing, tragedy struck the young actor. At the young age of 35, Andy Kaufman was diagnosed with lung cancer and died the same year.

Fans of Kaufman around the world believe that his death back in 1984 was all a hoax. They believe that much like Tupac Shakur  (2pac) and Elvis, Kaufman is still alive to this very day. Of course these people are delusional and need to face the reality that they are all in fact dead and did not fake their deaths.

In honor of Kaufman, the New York Comedy Festival hands out the Andy Kaufman Award to the best Comedian.



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