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Gossip Robot: Oprah, Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian

Posted by on January 24, 2011 at 12:04 PM EST

kim kardashian-snookiOprah Winfrey reveals her “big secret” sister, Selena Gomez pregnant rumors and Jersey Shore star Snooki meets Kim Kardashian.

Oprah recently revealed her big secret to be a half-sister that she has never met before…talk about free publicity for her new OWN network. Selena Gomez pregnant rumors start up again as the young star continues dating Justin Bieber. Jersey Shore star Nicole Polizzi aka Snooki meets Kim Kardashian at an NBA game over the weekend.

Oprah just recently launched her Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) and as we have reported the rating are doing amazing. It looks like they will continue to do well with her latest publicity stunt in the form of a half-sister. It turns out that on today’s show, Oprah will air footage of her going to meet Patricia, her half-sister who was put up for adoption. On the show we will see a DNA test and confirmation that Patricia is in fact the half sister of Oprah. We will also see Oprah Winfrey confront her mother Vernita Lee once the results are confirmed. I can’t wait for Patricia to tell Oprah to show her the money!

Selena Gomez seems like she cannot catch a break at all. The ongoing Justin Bieber dating saga continues as more pregnancy rumors surface. I already wrote on the whole purity ring debacle and how Gomez’ parents were pissed off. [read here] I am sure that the Selena Gomez pregnant rumors are not true but I just don’t know what to believe nowadays. Hopefully someone taught Biebs to wrap it up…wait a minute they can’t even have sex… Biebs is underage. Well that debunks the whole pregnancy rumors unless Selena Gomez is breaking the law!

Last at certainly the least entertaining story is the Kim KardashianSnooki meeting that took place on Saturday. It turns out that the Jersey Shore star and Mrs. Sex Tape herself were courtside at the Dallas Mavericks vs. New Jersey Nets game. Of course Kim K was there supporting her boyfriend of the month, Kris Humphries who plays for the Nets. No reason was given why Snooki was there but who cares anyways. It turns out that Kim Kardashian was not good luck at all as the Mavericks beat the Nets. Good Job Kim, way to bring the reality star curse to the NBA.



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