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Roger Ebert Post Cancer Plastic Surgery

Posted by on January 21, 2011 at 5:18 PM EST

Roger Ebert post cancer battle plastic surgery pictures.

It has been a long, strange, often painful and gut-wrenching journey for film critic Roger Ebert, but he took a big step forward this week when he revealed that he had gotten a new prosthetic jaw and is returning to television this weekend.

For those who may not know, Ebert has been battling cancer that was in his neck, throat and part of his mouth. He lost his jaw during the battle with the cancer and for a few years now has been forced to live life without it. He eats through a feeding tube and can no longer speak, but modern technology has helped him to communicate and now given him a lower jaw that allows him to have a more normal appearance.

The process of designing and building the jaw took nearly two years. Roger Ebert can remove it if he wants and says he will likely wear it mostly when he goes out in public. While he looks nothing like he once did, it is a drastic improvement over not having it at all.

His new show “Roger Ebert Presents: At the Movies” will begin airing this weekend on PBS stations. Each week the show will look at movies and a different guest host will read Ebert’s thoughts on that movie as he has them written down. While Ebert can’t talk in a traditional sense, he can speak through his computer. A company took the thousands of hours of audio from him long running TV show with Gene Siskel and used it to develop voice speech software for his computer. Ebert can type a sentenced and then the software will read that sentence out loud in his own voice. While they are still perfecting it, it is pretty amazing.

Ebert has never been shy about his illness and he has appeared in public prior to ever having the option of the prosthetic jaw. He has always said he wasn’t going to hide or stop living his life just because he got sick. It is a commendable position to take and now he will be able to go out into the public without having to deal with the looks and stares of those who wonder what happened to him.

You can check your local listing to see when Roger Ebert’s new show will be airing in your area.



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