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Todd Palin: Dancing With The Stars and Shailey Tripp Affair

Posted by on January 21, 2011 at 11:09 AM EST

todd palin sarah palinTodd Palin, husband to Sarah Palin is caught up in nasty affair rumors with Shailey Tripp.

Todd Palin who is best known for being the husband of Sarah Palin is causing quite the stir. It turns out that rumors of Todd having an affair with Shailey Tripp have started spreading like wild fire. Much like the whole Todd Palin on Dancing With The Stars rumors, I am sure these ones are false as well.

Sarah Palin and Bristol Palin have been in the spotlight a lot lately. Bristol for her trip to DWTS last season and Sarah…well for just being Sarah. It turns out now the daddy of the Palin clan, Todd Palin is under fire. It turns out that rumors have started that Todd has an affair with Shailey Tripp. The massage therapist claims she did in fact have sex with Mr. Palin.

As of right now, much like those rumors that Todd Palin would be on the next season of Dancing With The Stars, they are false. If any truth comes of the whole Shailey Tripp affair we will update this post.


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