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American Idol 2011 Auditions: Rate The Judges

Posted by on January 20, 2011 at 7:35 PM EST

american idol auditionsAmerican Idol 2011 auditions kicked off last night as we got a look at the new judges.

Last was the Season 10 premier of American Idol 2011 auditions as well as the debut of the two new judges Steve Tyler and Jennifer Lopez. They both did pretty well, but if we were scoring I would give the night to Tyler.

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Things started off smoothly with three good singers in row, but by the midpoint of day 1 they were getting more and more bad and borderline singers. Tyler seemed to catch on pretty quickly and he was able to express his thoughts and opinion well. Lopez was struggling. You could tell it was hard for her to be negative towards anyone. She didn’t want to tell anyone no.  It was starting to look like we might have our new Paula Abdul.

By the end of the first day Steven Tyler seemed in the groove. He was having fun with the good singers and quickly getting rid of the bad ones. At times he would sing a line with a contestant or clap along to the song they were singing. When he would sing you could tell just how much more talented he is than most of the contestants they had heard that day.

The American Idol contestants themselves seem a little star struck. One girl said it best when she walked in and looked really nervous. She told them she had planned on playing it all cool and calm, but now she was standing in front of someone who she had idolized since she was nine years old and it was hard to be cool.  Many contestants gave both Lopez and Tyler a lot of love and they seemed to really appreciate it.

As the second day got started Lopez began to relax and have more fun. She also was able to better criticize and offer an opinion. Tyler asked questions, made suggestions and at one point did something that actually saved someone and sent them to Hollywood. This Puerto Rican girl came in with bikini top, big stars on her boobs and idolizing JLo. She did an original song that was a cheesy song about being on American Idol. The judges were about to cut her when Tyler asked her to sing something else. She did a rendition of Celine Dion’ s “I’m Your Lady” and blew all three of them away. Had Tyler not asked her for a second song, they would have likely sent her home.

By the end of this first night the judges seemed to be getting along well and having fun. It will be interesting to see if Jennifer Lopez has issues being direct and honest over the rest of the season. I have a feeling, based on how tonight went, that she will do it.

So far the new judges seem to be doing well, but right now we are in the easy part. Once they have all the contestants to Hollywood and they have to choose between different good singers it will be harder. But for now it is the same old American Idol just with different faces. I have a feeling we will really miss Simon Cowell as they narrow down n the contestants. Then will see what these two are made of.

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  1. I watched the first episode of Idol this week. It is unbelievably and unforgivably lame and characterless. Who picked these judges??? I want to know who thought that the old “Jenny from the Block” would have any informative, interesting or insightful comments to make as a judge? The whole thing is a complete joke and very degrading for viewers.

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