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George Clooney African Malaria and Genocide

Posted by on January 20, 2011 at 5:58 PM EST

george clooneyGeorge Clooney contracted Malaria while in Sudan.

George Clooney is passionate about helping the people of Darfur and those in the Sudan area of Africa. Recently he took another trip in January. While he surly got some good work done, he also contracted Malaria.

Clooney was in the area to push for more aggressive diplomacy in an effort to avoid another potential genocide. With Sudan spiraling towards another civil war and Clooney has been working hard to stop that from happening. He recently said that diplomacy worked to stop a civil war in 2005 and it can work again.

Malaria is the most deadly disease in Africa. The disease causes fever, shivering, vomiting, convulsions and sweating among other things. Untreated malaria can lead to coma and death. This is Clooney’s second bout with the disease. On January 13th when he taped his appearance for Piers Morgan that will air on Morgan’s show Friday he was still suffering the last of the symptoms of the disease. His reps say that his case of Malaria is a great example of how it can be dealt with when the proper medicine and treatment is used. It can turn the illness into a bad ten day sickness instead of a death sentence.

On the 13th when Clooney taped his appearance Morgan tweeted that Clooney was still fighting the illness. He also said that Clooney was taking medicine, but still feeling pretty rough.

George Clooneys representatives have said that he has since made a full recovery and is now completely over his Malaria. I have to hand it to Clooney. I would go somewhere to help out, but if I got Malaria there I would never go back. He got it once and still believes so much in the cause that he went back and I have a feeling this second bout of Malaria won’t slow him down from returning there soon.



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