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Top Chef All Stars Recap: Marcel’s Perfect Storm

Posted by on January 20, 2011 at 2:41 PM EST

marcel top chef all starsTop Chef All Stars aired its Restaurant Wars episode last night on BRAVO.

It was a complete blowout on Top Chef All Stars this week in Restaurant Wars. For the first time in Top Chef history the diners decided which restaurant was the winner. Only seventeen out of seventy six diners voted for Etch, the Mediterranean inspired restaurant lead by Marcel. Bodega was the winner with Dale as its Executive Chef and Richard, Fabio, Carla and Tre as the other team members. Fabio did an outstanding job as front of house and Richard won the overall challenge and $10,000 for helping out the entire team and “elevating everyone’s dishes.”

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Etch was slammed by the judges for the food, the concept, and front of house performance. Marcel was chosen as Executive Chef by Dale who was the winner of the quick fire challenge, solely because he didn’t want to work with Marcel and by putting him on the other team it meant he wouldn’t have to.  I don’t know if Marcel knew why he was picked but he immediately became more of an asshole, bringing the entire team made up of Angelo, Antonia, Tiffany D. and Mike down. From discussing concept to arguing at the “Top Chef” judge’s table and everything in between, Marcel Vigneron’s ego and inability to speak to others without pissing them off made it obvious the team would be going down. Marcel couldn’t even pull off a good dish; his dessert was called “a perfect storm of f**king awfulness” by Anthony Bourdain. Luckily, the judges realized he was the reason for Etch’s poor performance and sent his ass home.



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  1. Bodega was a hit! I loved the dirty gone classy style. Getting to watch Marcel loose all respect and make terrible food only made the episode better. Though who’s to hate now? Is Dale the next villain?

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