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Celebrity Rehab Season Finale 2011

Posted by on January 20, 2011 at 1:43 PM EST

celebrity rehab finaleCelebrity Rehab 2011 finale aired last night.

Graduation Day is here and that means the end of this season of Celebrity Rehab. Just as the entire season was, the graduation and finale were mostly uneventful. Honestly maybe it was because from the beginning I felt the term “celebrity” was being used a little loosely here. Now I know that A-listers are not going to be checking in to the Pasadena Recovery Center, but this group? However, I digress, back to the graduation, each patient took a turn receiving their certificate and gave a small speech about their experience and then the other patients as well as the counselors and Dr. Drew were able to express their feelings for each patient. Unlike the past graduations, this one was very quick; everyone spoke about how great Dr. Drew was, that experience had changed them and that they were absolutely going to stay sober. Jason Davis was of course the person who was of the most interest, after stuttering along and having the others pushing him he finally agreed to go to another inpatient facility, which was exciting for everyone because they were all very concerned for him returning to his previous lifestyle. Not much was revealed about the celebrities’ plans for after Celebrity Rehab. Jason Wahler, Jeremy London, and Frankie Lons all said they were going to sober living, but no mention of plans for Janice Dickinson, Eric Roberts, Leif Garrett or Rachel Uchitel.

I do want to say although the season was pretty boring; I did take away a much better opinion of Rachel Uchitel, who was really an unknown to me. I, like most people only knew her as one of the women Tiger Woods had been sleeping with while still married to Elin Nordegren. Throughout the show I found her to be a sweet and normal person, not a trampy man stealing vixen as she was portrayed in the tabloids. After graduation Celebrity Rehab Dr. Drew made a trip to New York City in order to help Rachel with closure of her fiancé’s death on 911 in the World Trade Center Terrorist Attacks. Even though it had been 9 years, she had never visited Ground Zero. While there she expressed how she wasn’t able to explain to others what it was like to lose someone that way. A few moments later a man approached her, he wanted to share with her how he had lost his wife of 37 years that day as well. . The second part of closing the door on her grieving process for her fiancé Andy O’Grady was to read a letter she had written that was to be buried with him at his funeral but which she was unable to part with at the time. While looking for a spot to read the letter and then release into the water in a bottle, they came across a stone which read “For Andy I will always love you, Charles”.  Perhaps these two moments had been staged, but my gut feeling is they weren’t, and I find myself truly rooting for her.

Hopefully the Celebrity Rehab Reunion Show will be more exciting than the season itself. I look forward to seeing if everyone has been able to stay sober and if not, is there video?!



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  1. Apparently you have a different view of Rachel than I do. This woman constantly placed stories about herself in the news for the past year and has allowed photos of her to be taken in public w/no underwear and always wearing provocative clothing. Sweet and normal is not what I would call and “tramp” seems to fit her quite well.

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