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Real Housewives Juicy Finale

Posted by on January 20, 2011 at 1:11 PM EST

real housewives finaleReal Housewives of Beverly Hills season finale airs tonight on BRAVO.

Reality star Kyle Richards, known for her role on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has expressed anxiety and concern about the season finale. The finale will grant viewers insight into the lives of the rich, famous, and….feisty? Apparently some pretty caustic words are slung between Kyle and her sister, Kim.

Kyle has made statements urging viewers to look at “the whole picture” and to not focus on what is bound to be a major fight between Kim and her sister. Kyle also claims that the camera only picks up a sliver of a very long and complicated relationship. She also is hopeful about her relationship with her sister, speaking of it in positive terms, “We’re working on things. We’re working on it…You don’t see what goes on in the rest of our lives. We love each other a lot.”

In the previews of the season finale clip, there appears to be a lot of tension throughout the show, with Camille Grammer coming to terms with reality of her 14 year relationship with Kelsey Grammer being over. As far as the Kim versus Kyle fiasco goes, Kyle brings up their deceased mother (it doesn’t look good).

Drama runs rampant on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finale, which will air tonight at 9 PM ET on BRAVO.



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