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Victoria Huggins: Steven Tyler’s Underage Idol

Posted by on January 20, 2011 at 12:40 PM EST

victoria hugginsVictoria Huggins auditioned for American Idol last night and Steven Tyler hit on her.

Victoria Huggins, a 16-year-old American Idol contestant walked into last night’s New Jersey auditions praying to go to Hollywood. The southern bell got a little more than she bargained for when 62-year-old judge, Steven Tyler commented on her short perfect skirt. As this all went down I really thought the FOX producers should change the name of the show to Steven Tyler’s Underage Idol.

I know that Steven Tyler is a rock-star but come on the girl is 16-years-old. Victoria Huggins was cute, had a great personality and could sing but Tyler creeped me out. When you say “just the right amount showing” to a 16-year-old about her skirt and you are 62…gross. Anyways, Huggins made it to the Hollywood round so it will not be the last we hear from her.

Tonight will continue the 2-night premiere as American Idol heads to New Orleans for some more 2011 auditions. Make sure you tune in to American Idol Season 10 tonight at 8|7c on FOX to see Steven Tyler hit on more underage girls!

Here is the Victoria Huggins New Jersey American Idol 2011 Audition Video:



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  1. Regarding Victoria Huggins and her skirt am I the only one who sensed correctly how that exchange went down? J. Lo started the whole thing when she said she liked it, and Steven Tyler immediately retorted, “Oh yeah, just the right amount showing” with so much sarcasm dripping from his statement I almost fell off of the couch! (That comment was just as much a dig at Jennifer Lopez for giving the girl a yes vote as it was about the audition.) Victoria then explained how she was showing just the right amount of leg to appeal to the boys while still wanting to be a lady. “Well, you pulled it off”, Steven said sarcasticly, and in doing so he was not coming on to her in anyway (unlike the blonde he called “you little devil” earlier in the show). Steven called a spade a spade and Victoria – all 16 and three quarter years of her – owned up to what she was doing. I am glad I recorded it. I must have played that exchange twenty times over and I laughed out loud every time!

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