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Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler Impress on 2011 Idol Premier

Posted by on January 20, 2011 at 11:56 AM EST

steven tyler american idolSteven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez impress on revamped American Idol premier.

Last night was the much anticipated debut of Season 10 of American Idol and they did it right. The show started off with a short flashback that covered all of the drama surrounding them finding the two new judges, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez. After the recap of the drama the auditions kicked off in New Jersey with style as the first three contestants that came in were all great and moved on to Hollywood. Steven and Jennifer loved it. This was easy. It wouldn’t be easy for long.

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As American Idol does during these audition phases we meet a variety of different contestants. We learn a little about their lives and stories. I like that they don’t just do this for the good singers. That would be too obvious. They will build up a bad singer then let you shock them. Two perfect examples were a girl whose family was from Kosovo. They were war refugees that were caught in the fighting. The girl’s father applied for the green card lottery and won. That meant he could legally bring his family to America. Now they are living here away from the fighting and the daughter is pursuing her dream to be a singer. She came in after all the hype and was very good. But another contestant was not so lucky. He was 18, a boy scout for much of his life and he seemed like he was a decent guy. He sang Sinatra’s “My Way” and it was horrible. That is what Idol does well. They build you up and leave you guessing if the singer is going to be good or not.

This season they have promised to focus more on the good singers and they have followed through with that. There were some strange, some bad, some terrible and some just bizarre, but for the most part they kept the focus on the good singers.

Steven Tyler and Lopez started out strong and it seems like Tyler got the hang of it first. Lopez, a la Paula Abdul, had trouble being negative to anyone. You could tell she didn’t want to be mean, sometimes even voting yes on someone who was bad. But by the end of the episode she was getting into the groove of things. Tyler seemed to have a little more to say as well. Lopez did open up on a few different contestants and you could see she was genuinely struggling with some of them, but it was Tyler who seemed to regularly have the good comments. Together they gelled pretty well with Randy and by the end of this first episode they seemed to all be on the same page.

The show really only missed Simon in a few places. There were a couple of borderline contestants where the judges struggled with what to do and those were moments where Simon would take the lead and say what needed to be said good or bad. They also missed him on the bad contestants. His remarks and sometimes mean comments could have been put to use a few times.

All in all it seems like American Idol is off to a strong start and that they may have found some good singers. Next up is New Orleans which will air tonight at 8|7c on FOX.



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