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“American Idol” Live Blog: Our First Impressions

Posted by on January 19, 2011 at 7:51 PM EST

american idol liveAmerican Idol LIVE blog on our first impressions of Season 10.

American Idol begins season 10 tonight and for the 2011 premiere we will be doing a live blog. As the show airs tonight I will be updating this post with my thoughts on the new judges and what I expect for the rest of the season. Hopefully there will be plenty of wild and crazy contestants to write about as the New Jersey auditions will start off the season.

I will also be writing on Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson and Jennifer Lopez and how well they work together on the American Idol judging panel. I am sure everyone is excited for the premiere tonight which is less than an hour away.

Make sure you tune in tonight at 8|7c when American Idol Season 10 gets underway… also keep checking back here as I update our live blog with our impressions of the premiere.

… Well it has officially started and J-Lo is already annoying as hell. Steven Tyler is actually pretty funny but he seems to sing a lot on the judges panel.

Jennifer Lopez can’t say no to people…awesome…

…Here we go with our first American Idol sob story, I am guessing this kid moves on.

HAHAHAHA…omg this kid dressed like he is going camping singing Frank Sinatra… I am dying. make it stop please.

…Steven Tyler hitting on all of the chicks is about to make me vomit.

I hope this gets better for the next hour because as of right now I am not impressed at all.

…Let the train wrecks being, this is why I love the American Idol auditions.

The next contestant, Ashley Sullivan aspires to be like Britney Spears. Can she sing though? While she may not be right for American Idol…she might make it on Broadway. I won’t even mention that she is a complete freaking wack job. Randy says no, Steven Tyler and J-Lo say yes…shes going to Hollywood!!!

…Victoria Huggins is a 16-year-old girl with a southern twang and she actually has a decent voice! OMG she just said Yo Yo Dawg to Randy…so awesome!

and Victoria is going to Hollywood!

Day One of the American Idol auditions in New Jersey are over… bring on Day Two!

First contestant of day two might be a waitress but wow she is an amazing singer.



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