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Bristol Palin Wins American Idol 2011

Posted by on January 19, 2011 at 7:45 PM EST

bristol palinBristol Palin competes in American Idol Season 10 and wins!

Bristol Palin wins American Idol Season 10 is the best headline ever to kick off the 10th Anniversary of the hit FOX TV show. I mean after almost winning Dancing With The Stars last season, would it surprise you if Bristol showed up on American Idol?

I honestly think that if Bristol Palin would have tried out for “American Idol” she would have made it to the very end. Along the way she would have caused millions of Americans to go deaf from her voice but it would have at least been entertaining. I think that if AI doesn’t do so hot this season with the new judges then they should definitely let Bristol make it far into the competition next year… talk about a ratings boost.

Hell Porky Bristol Palin might even surprise us all and become the next Kelly Clarkson. Of course after seeing her dancing skills on DWTS I highly doubt that she can sing. I am telling you, watch out for Bristol to come out of hiding and show up at the Arizona auditions for American Idol next year.



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