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The Biggest Loser Recap: 2011 Mystery Trainers!

Posted by on January 19, 2011 at 4:14 PM EST

biggest loserThe Biggest Loser Season 11 aired last night and unveiled the 2011 mystery trainers.

As the newest episode of The Biggest Loser starts we finally get to meet the two mystery trainers and it becomes clear right away that this episode we will be spending some time with the Unknowns. Most of what has been going on at the Unknown camp has been a mystery so far, but finally we are going to see what is going on over there.

First we meet Cara. She is a boxer who was once ranked #2 in the world and who twice won the Golden Gloves of New York. She has had a rough life and says that her struggles have helped make her stronger. It doesn’t hurt that she is stunningly good looking. She was made for TV. The other trainer is Brett. He is a fitness trainer and martial artist who also studied pre-med in college and is very much into the science of losing weight and getting in shape. He was also fat as a teenager and battled hard to get in shape so he knows what the people on the show are going through.

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The Biggest Loser Unknowns call a meeting and during it the call out Q saying he is not pulling his weight and not trying hard enough. Rulon Gardner has clearly taken a leadership role and is motivating everyone. Q responds well and says he will try harder.

The two groups now known as the Unknowns and the Ranch are brought together for a challenge. They will face off in a competition where they have to balance an egg on a fry pan they are holding upside down. The last person standing for each group wins a lunch with celeb chef Curtis Stone and a chance to win an advantage during the weigh in.  The Unknowns decide to throw the competition and give the win to Denise so a minute or so in they all toss their eggs at the Ranch crew and let Denise take the win. The Ranch crew takes it more seriously. In the end Marci wins for the Ranch.

The Unknowns have their meeting with Dr.H and he tells them exactly how sick they really are. They get emotional seeing how much trouble they could potentially be in.  Dr. H tells Moses he is so sick that he will most likely die within the next 14 years. He vows to work hard to change that.

At the first real Biggest Loser workout with the Unknowns that we see the trainers use a very hands on approach. They use a lot of boxing, MMA and work in the ring. They want to teach the team to fight. These trainers are no joke and really push the group who all seem really motivated.

Denise and Marci meet Curtis Stone. He has a challenge for them. They have to count the calories of the meal he is showing them how to make. The one that is closest will win a two pound advantage during the weigh in. The women enjoy their meal and Denise comes the closest with her guess and wins the advantage.

Back at the Ranch we have another competition. Here the contestants will pump water into a round carrier that they will then pull up a hill 1/8th of a mile. There they dump the water into another team’s bucket. When that team’s bucket is full, they are out. The last team standing will be the sole vote on who gets sent home after the weigh in. The group decides in advance that they will give the win to Irene since her mom was sent home before and she is the only single person team. The challenge looks hard, but who cares, the end is already known before we start.

After a pep talk from Bob and Jillian Michaels the Ranch crew has a last chance workout.  Bob and Jillian feel like Dan is preparing himself to fail. He is very homesick for his wife and daughter. He wants to prove them wrong. Arthur pushes himself so hard he ends up puking. With a smile on her face Jillian says, “Oh, he did puke. That’s sweet.”

We see that the Unknowns, who all have one more week of immunity, did well during the weigh in and motivated each other. When the Ranch crew weighs in Irene goes second and her loss of eight pounds guarantees she will make it above the cut line so she will be the one who decides who from the losing team is sent home.

There are some good weigh-ins and some that are a little disappointing. Arthur’s Blue Team loses very little weight and he fears he could get sent home. Bob tells them he needs to work harder that it is imperative that Arthur stay on the Ranch as long as possible. When Dan and Don get on the scales they both gained nine pounds. Everyone is stunned. Bob tells them he thinks they deliberately gained weight and gave up. Jillian is so sad she has no words.

At the end of last night’s The Biggest Loser, Irene gives Dan his wish and sends him home. He is sad that he won’t be there for his brother, but is glad to be going home. At the end of the show they do Dan’s update and to date he has lost 72 pounds and is living a much healthier and more active lifestyle.



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