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The Dark Knight Rises: Catwoman Halle Berry Flashbacks!

Posted by on January 19, 2011 at 1:39 PM EST

dark knight rises catwomanThe Dark Knight Rises announces that Anne Hathaway will play CatWoman in the new Batman film by Christopher Nolan.

The Dark Knight Rises just lost a ton of points in my books when Christopher Nolan announced that Anne Hathaway will be playing Catwoman. The repressed memories of the terrible movie Halle Berry made have resurfaced and I am pretty sure tonight the nightmares will begin again. While I know that Nolan will deliver another masterpiece, Catwoman as one of the main characters seems lame.

I have nothing against Anne Hathaway; it is more against the stupid ass character that is Catwoman. I picture Selina Kyle (Catwoman) running around sprinkling catnip on her victims and she purrs. Ugh! Why in the hell would they go and ruin the movie like this; I was excited as hell. Now I don’t even think I want to see it, even Chris Nolan can’t make Catwoman an amazing character. You could have at least gone with Poison Ivy which could have been molded into an amazing female villain.

I guess in good news, The Dark Knight Rises male villain will be Tom Hardy as Bane. This is a relief because Bane is a pretty cool character and I feel Nolan will make Batman’s foe downright amazing. Anyway, while I attempt to get these images of Halle Berry as Catwoman erased from my brain, I hope you all enjoyed this new news on the Dark Knight Rises front.

What do you all think of Anne Hathaway being cast as Catwoman in the upcoming Batman 3? Email us at leads@robotceleb.com with your thoughts.



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  1. I agree. I think catwoman and Hathaway are mistakes. However, we can’t get too upset. Remember the outrage when Heath Ledger was cast? People hated it and thought he couldn’t do the part justice. Look where we are now. Just saying.

    • Great point! People were disappointed in Ledger’s choice, until they saw what Nolan could do with a script. And one oscar later, Ledger’s performance will go down as one of the best Batman performances, ever! And although I was shocked at Hathaway being Catwoman, the more I think of it, the more I think Nolan will create possibly the best Catwoman we’ve ever seen. And as the last Batman in the series, there’s no way Christopher Nolan could have passed on the opportunity to bring one the best known/loved villains in Batman anthology. He will have his work cut out for him being that Anne can’t exactly look at past Catwomen for help…this Catwoman will be totally different from anything we’re used to.

  2. In fairness. i dont think they’ll call her “Catwoman” in this movie. I think it’s just “Selina Kyle”

  3. catwoman outfitt is ugly. make a new outfit for catwoman. make her look more attractive like cat woman as halle berry.

  4. OK, First I have to give my perception of the new triology of the Batman to get to the point of Catwoman. My point is that they tend to show us more the psychological hardship Batman is going throught. I think . In the first movie, Bruce Wayne learned that he couldn’t just take down any criminal as he was. That was the first hardship he went throught and he had to create Batman to succeed. Batman could just take out any opponent using strenght and deception. Then in the second movie, he met the Joker which he could take down by strenght , but was untouchable since he was hard to find. Let’s say Bruce Wayne taste for the first time some of his own medecin since the Joker was also a master of deception. That’s the second hardship he had to face and almost gave up being Batman. He had to once again step his game up. Now in the third, Batman has to face an opponent which he CAN’T take down by force ( Bane). So he once again wonder if he reached his limit. ( Look at the preview which describe perfectly my point of view) Finally, the Catwoman thing. From my point of view Catwoman is the perfect second vilain for this last movie. Catwoman will be there to force our favorite hero to make a choice between love and justice. We all know how justice is important for Batman but we saw in the last two movies thats love is Batman’s ” Kryptonite”. He was ready to give up being Batman for Rachel. This is why I think Catwoman will bring someting interesting to the movie. This actress played mostly “girl movie” , which is perfect for Catwoman , since Nolan will probably put the accent on the seductive and tempting aspect of Catwoman more than the asswhooping and agile Catwoman. Althought Bruce Wayne has created and hide behind the ” Justice Ideal” of Batman, he is stil a human with emotion. Thats what Batman HAVE to make abstraction of in order to make justice in Gotham. Catwoman is mostly there to make the Hero ” give in to his self interest”.


    • . I think Rashal Gul’s daughter will come back for revenge. We all remember that Batman in the first movie , kill inderectly Rashal Ghul which go against his ideal of not klling. In the heat of actions, choices are hard to make and you still have to live with the consequences. This will make our hero notice that when you give pain , pain comes back at you. This fact that she will come back for revenge, means she suffers and Batman will have for the first a feedback of a choice he isn’t sure was the right one , since it goes against his ideal.
      3 villains , 3 hardship, 1 batwing… this is what it takes to raise the bar even higher than the what Heath Ledger did in the second movie.

      RIP Heath Ledger

  5. Wow…you guys really don’t know anything about Catwoman. The best part of her character was the relationship between her and Bruce Wayne, but besides that, she’s totally badass. She’s constantly switching sides, and no one really knows who she is or where she came from. Since Nolan borrowed mobsters Moroni and Falconi from Miller’s Year One and Loeb’s Long Halloween (totally screwing up the Twoface origin, by the way), it would make sense for them to again borrow from Loeb’s Dark Victory with the implications that Selina Kyle could be the daughter of a mobster. I’m just saying, guys, there’s a lot of good story potential there. It’s just a question of whether or not they can pull it off.

    • That what I was saying, the reason Catwoman is in there is the relation between her and Bruce… this is why Batman will have to choose between Love and Justice. Althought I give all my respect to Tim Burton , I consider in the other Batman that he was a complete and perfect Batman right from the start. In this Batman, he is learning with every vilain he beats. Nolan showing us the ”realistic” evolution from Bruce Wayne to the Batman we all saw in comics books and tv show. He definitely NEEDS to face that vilain since he’s been ready to give up everything in order to be with Rachel in both movies. He needs to realise that if he truely want to save Gotham, he needs to cast away his self interest. I also think that Bane will be there to put a physical barrier to Batman and Catwoman an emotional barrier. He needs to be in total despair in order to rise and then evolve. This is what will make the movie a total success.

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