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Bridalplasty Recap: Botox, Boobs, Brides

Posted by on January 19, 2011 at 12:54 PM EST

bridalplasty recapBridalplasty aired its sixth episode which was chock full of Botox, boobs and brides.

It was Allyson’s week this week on Bridalplasty, she won the challenge and secured herself a spot in the show’s finale. As Top Bride she also received another surgery off of her wish list, a mouthful of dental work and veneers. I have to admit, watching her getting her teeth pulled while Dr. Worth repeatedly said how rotten they were was pretty burley. This girl seriously needed some work done. The other brides took her for granted at the beginning of the season, but she has pulled ahead winning Top Bride twice.

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Allyson’s approach to this week’s challenge was the smartest. All of the brides’ fiancés were brought in and everyone was hooked up to lie detectors, asked 10 questions, and whoever had the least amount of lies was the winning couple. Allyson told her fiancé John to tell the truth no matter what, they would work it all out later, and it worked! Nobody is going to believe you like your mother in law Kristen so just tell us the truth. Why do people talk themselves up before a challenge like this? Cheyenne and her fiancé said they keep nothing from each other and have all the passwords to each other’s various accounts etc, but then failed miserably with five lies.

Since Allyson is on medical leave this week and is unable to vote, Jenessa and Dominique are left to decide whether Cheyenne or Kristen will be going home. Jenessa has been gunning for Kristen from the start and knows she is a more competitive player than Cheyenne. Dominique does like Kristen and is having a hard time making a decision. Although Kristen and Cheyenne promise not to say anything negative about one another to Dominique or Jenessa, Kristen just happens to mention that Cheyenne was very homesick and had talked about wanting to go home. Unfortunately, this plan does not work for Kristen, both Dominique and Jenessa vote to keep Cheyenne in the house.

Three nose jobs, two sets of veneers, some lipo, and a new set boobs have been given away so far on Bridalplasty, I really want to see what will be next. I’m looking forward to some seriously transformative procedures. Ass implants. That’s what I’m talking about.

Stay tuned to find out who will be next to win a trip under the knife when Bridalplasty airs Sunday nights at 9|8c on E!



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  1. I really didn’t like Cheyenne’s smugness before the lie detector challenge and she got what she deserved. As for the ass implants, I’m really curios if they’re similar to breast implants. I had a girlfriend once that really wanted “buttcheek stuffing” but I refused to pay…so we split 🙂

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