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Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez: Self-Promotion Idol

Posted by on January 19, 2011 at 10:06 AM EST

jennifer lopez steven tylerSteven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez join American Idol judging panel to self-promote.

You might change the name of “American Idol” to “Self-Promotion Idol” if were paying attention to the media today. American Idol Season 10 airs tonight and the judges have been out in force promoting the show. Steven Tyler was on Howard Stern this morning and Jennifer Lopez was on Ryan Seacrest’s morning radio show.

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Did they talk about Idol? Sure. But they also didn’t waste the chance to heavily self-promote while on the respective shows.  Tyler got things rolling when he was the surprise guest this morning on Howard Stern’s Sirius XM radio show. He talked about a lot of things including his sex life with his girlfriend and his sobriety. He also took the time to talk about his current rough relationship with Aerosmith co-founder and guitarist Joe Perry. He said that they do talk via email and text message, but that Perry never answers the phone when he calls. He made a plea of sorts to Perry asking him to get rid of the lawyers and just come out to LA when he (Tyler) is there with the band. Once they are all together it will be fine and they can write and rebuild their friendship. He said that they are going to tour and that the tour is already booked and everything is a go.

On the west coast Jennifer Lopez appeared on Ryan Seacrest’s morning radio show. While she did talk American Idol with him she also used the appearance as a way to release and promote her new single “On the Floor” which features Pitbull. She also plugged her new forthcoming album that will conveniently be released at some point during the American Idol season. I have to wonder how tense things were between JLO and Seacrest during commercials. There were reports that the two did not see eye to eye during the audition phase of the show so they may not really care for each other.

I find myself wondering of Jennifer Lopez or Steven Tyler will end up actually performing on American Idol. I doubt Tyler would, but Lopez may do as Abdul once did and lip-synch through a well-choreographed number. Lopez has always been pretty shameless when it comes to self-promotion so I would not be shocked to see it happen.

In the meantime we can tune in starting tonight on FOX at 8|7c to see just how well JLO and Steven Tyler do as judged on the new season debut of American Idol 2011.



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