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Conservative Right Wingers Defend Ricky Gervais!

Posted by on January 18, 2011 at 7:03 PM EST

ricky gervais right wingConservative right wingers come to the defense of Ricky Gervais after Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards.

Well, I have to admit as I watched the Golden Globes and saw Ricky Gervais attacking Hollywood from the stage; I never thought that the people who would rush to his defense would be the conservatives.

Gervais lampooned the Hollywood elite as well as the Golden Globes themselves while serving as host of the show on Sunday night. His performance was pretty much all anyone was talking about the next day and rumors ran wild including that he had been fired midway through the night which is why for about an hour he didn’t appear on stage at all (he says that was not the case and that he only introduced the people who he had the best jokes for). Ricky Gervais has been attacked by most of the Hollywood establishment and many news and entertainment outlets say he was mean and not funny.

Personally, I thought it was funny. The problem with these awards shows is how serious they take themselves. They come off like being an actor or a filmmaker is the bravest, most amazing and heroic thing a person can do. They are very self-absorbed and it can be too much. Ricky Gervais realized that and he took a few swings at it.

Now as Hollywood attacks him, the conservative right wingers are rushing to his side to defend him. The funny thing is that they aren’t really defending his freedom of speech, but they are just happy that someone took a jab at Hollywood. John Nolte makes the point that had Gervais attacked Sarah Palin or her kids, Jesus Christ, or George W. Bush he would be celebrated as having been edgy and courageous. The problem with this point is that Bush has been out of office for two years and is no longer in the spotlight. Gervais did take a jab at Jesus when he thanked God for making him an atheist and Sarah Palin has become such an easy target that attacking her is almost too simple. So had he done those things he probably would have been labeled as being stuck in the past. More accurate was the U.K’s right leaning paper the Daily Mail which hailed his performance as “A risqué’ attack on self-loving Tinseltown.”

So as the conservatives rally around Ricky and applaud his performance I get the feeling that he probably hates them just as much and given the chance would skewer them just as hard. So this isn’t really about the conservatives liking Gervais it is the age old situation where the enemy of your enemy is your friend.

Gervais has finally spoken about the night. In a statement he said everyone backstage was taking it well and that the atmosphere backstage after the show was great. That probably isn’t 100% accurate because Philip Berk the president of the HFPA said, “Some of the things he said were total unacceptable.” Gervais also admitted that he probably won’t be back next year.

With the conservatives now wading in on the debate it is safe to say that everyone is now talking about Ricky Gervais so I have a feeling he got exactly what he wanted out of this.



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