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Aaron Rodgers Cancer Diss [VIDEO]

Posted by on January 18, 2011 at 11:57 AM EST

aaron rodgers cancerAaron Rodgers cancer patient diss goes viral; blown out of proportion.

Aaron Rodgers cancer diss goes viral and causes a shit storm for the Green Bay Packers QB. You know it’s sad when some idiot has to jump to conclusions and blow things way out of proportion. For those of you that are jumping on the Rodgers hating bandwagon you should clearly watch the video first. Even the cancer patient (Jan Cavanaugh) that Rodgers has been accused of dissing has released a statement saying that she is extremely unhappy with what is being said about Aaron.

The cancer patient in question is Jan Cavanaugh, an avid Green Bay Packers fan. Might I add that just a few weeks earlier, Aaron Rodgers signed one of her jerseys. This split second video clip of Rodgers walking past Cavanaugh is not a diss. The man just got off an airplane and might have been in a rush… why are people making a big deal out of it? Cavanaugh herself is outraged with the viral warfare that has been waged against Rodgers.

What people are reporting is that Jan Cavanaugh was thrilled when she received an autograph by Clay Matthews. Why would you report on something that is nice? Where is the fun and controversy in that? You people need to grow the f**k up and get a life.

Here is the alleged Aaron Rodgers cancer patient diss video:



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