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Julianne Hough: Girl Fight with Christina Aguilera Rumors

Posted by on January 18, 2011 at 11:36 AM EST

julianne hough christina aguileraJulianne Hough and Christina Aguilera participate in a little girl on girl action.

Julianne Hough, best known as a professional dancer on Dancing with the Stars has made a new enemy. It turns out that Hough and Christina Aguilera had a little girl on girl action at a pre-party for the 2011 Golden Globe Awards. The Burlesque co-stars are being rumored to have had quite the confrontation over the weekend, almost ending in a cat fight.

Of course the rumors have already been denied by Christina Aguilera’s rep but Julianne Hough has yet to comment. It is said that while they were on the set of Burlesque, the Aguilera-Hough combo did not get along at all. We have no idea why Aguilera hates Hough so much but it definitely continued off set.

Rumors are running wild that Christina Aguilera verbally assaulted Julianne Hough on Friday night and attempted to grab her. Whoever broke that up is an idiot as an Aguilera-Hough girl fight would have been awesome! As more news develops on the whole debacle we will be sure to update this post.



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