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Robot Apocalypse: Dead Cows and Jersey Shore Season 3

Posted by on January 18, 2011 at 11:19 AM EST

dead cows jersey shore200 dead cows were found in Wisconsin and Jersey Shore Season 3 continues to dominate ratings; the apocalypse is near.

Dead cows is trending on Twitter as over 200 dead live stock were found in Wisconsin. On top of that, Jersey Shore Season 3 continues to be successful which just further proves that the world is going to end. First we had mass bird deaths, dead fish with no eyes, new zodiac signs and now cows are dropping dead. What in the hell is going on?!

The apocalypse is drawing near and the latest mass cow deaths further proves that. Let’s not forget to mention that Jersey Shore aired a brand new episode last night and did well with the rating yet again. When I first reported on the mass bird deaths and dead fish with no eyes, I started to make my underground bunker. I am about 50% complete and it should be done rather soon; I hope it’s in time.

Anyways, the 200 cows were found dead on Friday in Portage County, Wisconsin and are said to be no threat to humans or other animals. The reasoning behind the mass deaths is still being investigated but some say it might be a rare case of widespread pneumonia. Regardless, I am sure they are a perfectly good explanation and this whole end of the world thing is complete nonsense.  I just joke about the apocalypse because there are people out there that actually believe the world is coming to an end. These are also the people that parade around with tinfoil helmets so the aliens don’t get them.

What we should really be focusing on is how in the hell the rejects on Jersey Shore Season 3 are dominating the ratings.



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