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Piers Morgan Tonight: Oprah Winfrey Premiere 2011

Posted by on January 17, 2011 at 5:41 PM EST

piers morgan larry kingPiers Morgan Tonight makes its premiere tonight with guest star Oprah Winfrey.

Tonight is Piers Morgan’s big night as he takes over for Larry King on CNN with the debut of “Piers Morgan Tonight.” Morgan has a big first week of interviews planned for this week and he seems to have the right on idea on where to take his show.

It would be a mistake to just try to fill in for Larry King, so Morgan has completely redone the set, making it a more casual affair. It actually looks a little bit like a living room with a couple of couches and a table. It is like he is inviting guests in for a conversation and not so much an interview. This leaves me wondering about the long term plans for the show. Larry King did interviews, but he also covered current events and would have people on who were in the news at that moment. It looks like Piers Morgan might not be in a position to do that as his set is more casual than breaking news. Still, it is also possible that he won’t do that at all or if he does have someone in who is currently in the news it will be for an actual interview and he won’t take calls.

Morgan starts his show tonight with Oprah and the two seem to have a good conversation that covers a wide range of topics. When the conversation turns to Michael Vick, Oprah tells him that she is trying to interview Vick so she will save her thoughts on him for that interview. Morgan then reveals that he too is trying to interview Vick and the two make a bet to see who will get the interview first. My money is on Oprah.

The rest of week features plenty of big names. He will have normally media shy Howard Stern followed by Condoleezza Rice and George Clooney. Thursday’s guest, Ricky Gervais, just got a whole lot more interesting in light of the wild, controversial performance he gave on Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards. Hopefully that interview was not pre-taped before the Golden Globes. I would love to hear Gervais’ reaction to all the media attention he has gotten.

While most of us know Morgan as the judge alongside Sharon Osbourne on the show America’s Got Talent, he worked as a journalist in Britain before coming to America and developing a television career. He has big shoes to fill, but CNN’s ratings seem to be in a constant downward spiral so he might just be the breath of fresh air they need to pull things up a bit.



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