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Monday Robot: Robert De Niro, Steve Jobs, Justin Bieber

Posted by on January 17, 2011 at 11:27 AM EST

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Robert De Niro received the highly coveted Cecil B. Demille award last night at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards. Of course people are complaining about his acceptance speech and need to lighten the f**k up. Steve Jobs leave of absence has people buzzing about the Apple head honcho and his health. Justin Bieber shows off his new hair cut alongside Hailee Steinfeld and things get serious with Selena Gomez.

First up is the Robert De Niro acceptance speech from last night’s 2011 Golden Globe Awards. Matt Damon presented the coveted Cecil B. Demille award to the actor for his amazing career in the film industry. When DeNiro made a comment about most of the HFPA being deported along with the waiting staff, people immediately took offense this morning. Give me a break people, it was clearly a joke as the audience members laughed it off, as we all should. It seems like you are all so uptight nowadays, you are just looking for crap to bitch about. Robert De Niro is truly a legend in the film industry to let’s not steal his thunder by over reacting to a simple joke. I want to personally congratulate DeNiro on his achievements and hope he is around for years to come.

Switching quickly to tech news, Apple CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs has taken a leave of absence. It turns out that Jobs is taking medical leave and putting Tim Cook in charge. Don’t worry; Apple is not going to crumble because Jobs is stepping down for a while. Cook has been in the same position before and everything worked out fine. Back in 2009, Tim stepped in for Steve Jobs when he took a leave of absence for his pancreatic cancer treatment. We hope that Steve gets well soon and we want to wish both him and Tim Cook the best of luck with the future success of Apple.

Last but not least is Justin Bieber’s hair cut and romance with Selena Gomez. Last night Bieber showed off his new hair as he presented alongside the tremendously talented Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit). I found it rather entertaining to watch Bieber and Steinfeld present together as you had the talented towering over the talentless in high heels. Anyways, in other Bieber news, it has been reported that the Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez dating saga continues. They were recently spotted in some sort of cabana type deal in which Biebs zipped up the door for more “privacy.” Not sure but it seems like Gomez might be robbing the cradle on this one as Bieber is only 16-years-old and she is 18-years-old. Pretty sure if it was the other way around Bieber would be facing a shit storm of charges; congratulations Biebs for scoring an older chick.



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