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Discovery Shark Week 2010 Gets Serious On Day 3 With Sharkbite Beach

Posted by on August 3, 2010 at 5:21 PM EST

shark week discovery channelDiscovery Channels Shark Week 2010 gets serious on Day 3 with “Sharkbite Beach.”

Tonight on the Discovery Channel, Shark Week 2010 will air one of its brand new programs, “Sharkbite Beach.”

“Sharkbite Beach” is set to chronicle one fatal summer in 2008 on the Pacific Coast in which shark attacks were at a record high.

We follow five bone-chilling shark encounters up and down the California Coastline and into the waters of Mexico. Had the locals followed a warning that a surfer who escaped a great white attack posted on the web, the fatal shark attacks to come may have very well been avoided.

While not all of the five encounters on “Sharkbite Beach” were fatal, you will experience tragedy in tonight’s broadcast. Scientists will struggle to explain why the safest beaches in the world have become a feeding ground for these underwater goliaths.

You are in for loads of terror and first hand accounts while you visit “Sharkbite Beach” tonight on the Discovery Channel.

Sharkbite Beach shows how news of the fatal battle pitting Man Vs. Shark spreads throughout the community, severe action is put forth. Out for blood, fishermen and locals begin a mass shark hunt, up and down the Pacific Coast. The primal instincts of humans go into overdrive and they begin to slaughter dozens of sharks.

Protests immediately begin to try and stop the illegal killing of the endangered shark species. The fishermen and locals don’t understand that killing off the sharks will not solve the issue of shark attacks. It will actually do more harm as the shark is needed to maintain a healthy ecosystem below the glassy surface of our worlds oceans.

Tune in to night to experience “Sharkbite Beach” first hand. The stories and overall experience of this Shark Week 2010 broadcast will leave you with a new found respect of sharks, one of the most graceful predators in the world.

Day 3 of Shark Week 2010 will continue tonight with its premiere of “Sharkbite Beach” on the Discovery Channel at 9PM e/p.



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