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Charlie Sheen Rehab Red Flag

Posted by on January 14, 2011 at 12:44 PM EST

charlie sheen cbsCharlie Sheen’s recent booze binge in Las Vegas has raised red flags with CBS.

Charlie Sheen and his booze/hooker filled weekend in Las Vegas have raised a red flag with CBS officials. EW is reporting that the president of CBS Entertainment is very concerned with Sheen and his addiction to alcohol and porn stars. While Charlie Sheen’s work on Two and A Half Men is really not affected, Tassler still expresses his concerns with the actor. I wouldn’t put it past CBS to demand rehab after this season of the show is done shooting.

The man concern of CBS is the fact that Charlie Sheen has kids that look up to him. His continued downward spiral can’t be good for the children and I think that is why most people are concerned. Let’s say Sheen didn’t have any kids, do you think people would care as much? I personally don’t think so but that is just my opinion here. As of right now, Charlie is just living the life of a superstar, he has yet to hurt anyone or himself and I think people are over reacting a little bit.

If the man wants to party with porn stars in Vegas then so be it. That being said, I do think Charlie Sheen will end up in rehab sooner than later. I wish him the best of luck with his career and hope he solves his drinking problems in the near future.



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