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Celebrity Rehab Recap: Dr. Drew Field Trip!

Posted by on January 14, 2011 at 10:59 AM EST

celebrity rehab dr drewCelebrity Rehab Season 4 Episode 9 recap.

With their Celebrity Rehab graduation looming in the very near future, Dr. Drew starts to really push the patients regarding their aftercare plans. Not everyone’s plans were made clear to us but they must be satisfactory to Dr. Drew because he seemed to be more concerned about Jason Davis than anyone. Jason seems to be the little brother of the group, with billions of dollars but no family, he is vulnerable to people that call them his “friends.”  In process group Jason made it clear he was not going to sober living after treatment. Rachel Uchitel and then a number of other patients voiced their concerns for what may happen to Jason if he returns to his own life. Jason is irritated with everyone for making him feel they don’t think he can be successful on his own.

The middle of the episode is filled with an outburst followed by secrets being revealed to Dr. Drew by Frankie Lons and Janice Dickinson having yet another breakdown. We feel bad for Frankie when she tells Dr. Drew she was locked in a closet by her grandmother as a child and there is a nice moment for Janice when Shelly, Frankie, and Rachel give her support and hugs.

To convince the patients to solidify their aftercare plans, Dr. Drew pulls out one of his famous Celebrity Rehab field trips and the tears start flowing. I will keep this brief because really, we didn’t start watching the show for THIS kind of reality to be thrown in our faces, we just wanted to see celebs vomiting onto the floor and hiding heroin in their luggage, right? Anyway, the patients visit a high school gym where a mother describes her son, Aaron and how he overdosed on Xanax, had 2 heart attacks, 2 strokes, and ended up a ventilator. Eventually, his parents filled out a Do Not Resuscitate form and wrote a eulogy for their son. The day they were going to withdraw all care he started to improve. His Mom continues to tell the story of how he gets better and then his dad rolls him out to join the patients, he is quadriplegic and unable to speak. According to his mother he is able to understand everything that is said and in what I imagine is a very true statement says “the worst that could have happened to me that day was Aaron dying, but the worst thing that could have happened to Aaron was living like this”. This seems to affect the patients deeply and a few make a promise that they WILL stay sober.

In a Celebrity Rehab first, the administrative staff has a kind of intervention with Jason Davis in regards again to his plan after Celebrity Rehab. They would like him to do another three months of inpatient treatment. Jason does not budge and says he is ready to stand on his own two feet and get going with his life. Dr. Drew and the other members of Jason’s care team continue to push, but are unable to convince him to agree to more treatment after graduation.

Next week on the season finale of Celebrity Rehab the patients will graduate and tell Dr. Drew what they plan to do to stay sober after leaving Pasadena Recovery Center.



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