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Top Chef All Stars Recap: Gone Fishing Cook-Off

Posted by on January 14, 2011 at 10:42 AM EST

top chef all stars jamieTop Chef: All-Stars returned this week with its brand new episode “We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat.”

Top Chef All Stars challenged the 12 remaining chefs are catching their own food on this episode of. They are skipping the usual quickfire challenge in the “Top Chef” kitchen and heading to Montauk on the tip of Long Island. Once they arrive, Padma Lakshmi and Tom Colicchio give them their Elimination Challenge instructions and let them know this week there will be a double elimination. The chefs are then broken into four groups of three.  The four groups are divided between two boats and sent out to catch as many fish as they can which they will be cooking up and serving to 200 guests the following day.

The first two hours of fishing prove to be uneventful with not even one fish being caught by either boat. Then Dale catches the first fish and starts a stream of good luck in which Carla, Tre, Angelo, Tiffany D. and Mike all start reeling them in. Fabio, Richard, Marcel, Jamie, Antonia, and Tiffani aren’t catching anything on their boat until about two and a half hours into the trip, but in the end everyone caught something they can cook at the beach party.

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Fabio, Marcel, and Richard decide to only do one dish thinking if they are on the bottom the judges will have a hard time deciding which two to send home. Fabio describes it as “psychological warfare”. Dale, Carla, and Tre each make their own dishes and Antonia, Jamie, and Tiffani do the same. The fourth team Mike, Tiffany D., and Angelo decide to make two dishes. Cooking and serving goes off without a hitch at the beach party located in a great spot with a beautiful view of Manhattan. The chefs then head back to the Top Chef kitchen for Judge’s Table.

The top two teams consisted of Dale, Carla, and Tre on one team and Mike, Tiffany D., and Angelo on the other. Carla is the big winner of a trip to Amsterdam with her Manhattan inspired lettuce wrap. When she returns to the Stew Room excited, she is stopped short by Marcel and his bad attitude. Then the other six chefs obviously the bottom six face the judges. The judges praise Antonia for her Po Boy and tell her she could have easily been the winner if the dishes made by her two other teammates were better. They found Jamie’s dish bland and Tiffani’s too fishy due to her leaving the bloodline in her blue fish. Fabio, Richard, and Marcel’s dish of Striped Bass had too many ingredients making it heavy and muddled. In the end Tiffani and Jamie (finally!) are sent home.

Next week is everybody’s favorite Top Chef challenge, Restaurant Wars which is always tricky with someone having to step out of their comfort zone to work the Front of House and someone else having to be in charge of the kitchen, potentially making you an easy target to be eliminated if your team loses.

Tune in for a brand new episode of Top Chef: All-Stars next Wednesday night at 10|9c on BRAVO.



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