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Kim Kardashian Jersey Shore Showdown!

Posted by on January 13, 2011 at 8:52 PM EST

kim kardashian j wowwKim Kardashian gets called out by JWoWW of Jersey Shore Season 3.

Kim Kardashian who recently denied Botox injections is being called out by the lovely and un-talented JWoWW (Jenni Farley) of “Jersey Shore” fame. It seems amidst the brand new episodes of Jersey Shore Season 3; J-WoWW has some free time on her hands and loves Twitter.

One of her recent tweet took shot at the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, Kim Kardashian. It seems like J-WoWW does not believe Kim K’s reasoning behind her plumper lip. You see, everyone has been saying that Kim recently had Botox after she appeared with much fuller lips, typical of Botox lips. She of course denied those rumors and said the cause of her lip growth was the FLU! Jenni Farley is not buying it as she took to Twitter and blasted Kim Kardashian.

I mean yes, I know JWoWW is taking shots at Kim K for publicity but I think she might be right on this one. The FLU causing plumper lips… You would think that Kim Kardashian could come up with a better story than that. Regardless of what happened to her lips she still looks amazing and J-WoWW will remain a reality TV reject who has no talent and fake tits.



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